Social Action and Public Discourse

Building vibrant communities one action at a time.

We are working in our neighbourhoods to promote all people’s material and spiritual well-being, whatever their beliefs or backgrounds.  Socio-economic issues are complex, and our actions may seem modest, but these efforts emerge from a growing collective awareness of the needs of society at the grassroots level. By reading the reality of our communities, we are motivated by a desire to serve humanity and contribute to constructive social change.

To join one of our social action projects contact: [email protected]

All Quadrants

If you are interested in attending a social action project in your area, 
please contact the Public Affairs Office: [email protected]


“I have always been unsure where to start, but I really like the way Baha’is are starting with our Calgary neighborhoods.”

James Washington

“As a new immigrant to Calgary it was overwhelming. However, I met some Baháʼís in the NE and felt I could do something at the grassroots level for my kids and my neighbourhood.”

Sara Ali